The North Face Havoc  GTX
The North Face Havoc GTX$150.00
The single greatest purchase I have ever made and a 5-star recommendation. These shoes are lightweight, comfortable, waterproof, snow proof, and probably bullet proof.  Hike in them, walk in them, run in them…sleep in them.
Merino Wool Baselayer
Merino Wool Baselayer$34.95
Exceptionally soft, naturally breathable and warm even when wet, merino regulates body temperature, has a great warmth-to-weight ratio, naturally controls odor and stretches as you move. Great for warm or cold climates, earning this piece a sure spot in your pack!
Waist Pack
Waist Pack$9.95 and up
A must have for all travelers. Keep your money and your passport safe and on your person at all times with a thin and lite waist pack. To be worn concealed under your shirt.
GorillaPod$19.95 and up
Want to be in all those beautful photos you’re taking? Pick-up a GorillaPod — the ultimate traveling tripod. This little guy will literally wrap himself around anything. Now trying wrapping your mind around that.
Jump Rope
Jump Rope$5.99
Your vacation doesn’t have to ruin all that hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym. No access to a treadmill or running path? No worries: stay fit on the road with a jump rope that fits snug in your bag and doubles as a clothesline.
Noise-canceling Earphones
Noise-canceling Earphones$39.99 and up
Depending on where and how you’re traveling, these will not only deliver clear and crisp tunes from home when you need ‘em, but they’ll double as earphones when you’re battling a crying baby on your flight over, or a room full of snoring strangers on arrival to your hostel.