TK Consultations

You can benefit from a TK Consultation IF:      

1. You have unanswered questions about an upcoming trip.   

2. You really want to live and work overseas but you just don’t know how.

3. You’d love to leave it all behind and travel for 6-12 months. 

How It Works

EMAIL US: email your questions to us at and receive direct and immediate answers to all your questions.

SKYPE US: send us an email with your available dates and times for a 30 or 60-minute Skype call or, alternatively, catch us on Skype at tallkid0666.

MAKE A DONATION: you decide the value of the insights we share. Following our email/Skype exchange you will receive a thank you email with a link to make a donation in the amount you deem fair.

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Consultation Content

You would love to live and work overseas.  There is no better way to grow — personally, professionally, and spiritually — than to leave what you know and immerse yourself in a different way of life. The hard part is (1) psychologically committing to go, and (2) finding a job or teaching/exchange program that will get you settled overseas. We’ve been there, we’ve done it, and we’d love to help you do the same.

  • identify and amplify your why for wanting to live overseas
  • understand all of your options for living, working, or volunteering overseas
  • identify which options best align with your why and get insider insights to the pros and cons for each
  • learn how to differentiate yourself from other applicants
  • build out actionable next steps to start making your dream a reality

Learn how to live and work overseas now

You have unanswered questions about an upcoming trip.

Do you have pressing questions you need answers to? Or do you want to make sure you haven’t missed anything?

The average traveler spends 10+ hours digging through guide books and internet resources for the answers to these questions.

Don’t do that.

We’ve already spent years buried in guide books, researching countries, learning languages, catching malaria and getting robbed so that you don’t have to. TK Consultations can be done via email or via Skype — whichever is most convenient for you. We will go through any and all questions and get you clear on the things you’re unclear about.

  • What should I pack? What should I not pack?
  • Do I need a visa? Vaccinations? Is it safe?
  • Where am I going to stay and how am I going to get around?
  • How much should I budget?
  • What if I don’t speak the language?

Reach out to TK Travels and we’ll deliver all the answers to these questions and more, getting you “street smart“ to ensure your upcoming travel is everything you want it to be.

Get Insider Tips & Itineraries For My Upcoming Trip Now