In our achievement-driven society, it’s no surprise that our minds become increasingly focused on results. Whether in the field of our career, our health, or our relationships, we are constantly on the prowl for answers to the question, “How can I be more successful?

For our career it may be ‘How can I make more money?‘ Or, ‘How can I become a CEO?

For our health it may be ‘How can I lose weight?‘ Or ‘How can I build muscle?

For our relationships it may be ‘How can we improve our communication?

The combination of the internet, social media, and mobile devices in the 21st century has brought the entire universe of information straight to our fingertips. Whether you’re trying to work your way up the corporate ladder, get physically fit, or improve your relationship, someone somewhere has found acareer-ladder-accountability-w681x705 path to success and shared their step-by-step approach for how you can do the same.

Make more money, lose weight, be a better parent– whatever your goal, there is a how, and you have access to it.

As Rick Pitino lays out in his flagship book, “Success Is A Choice,” achieving goals and reaching success, by whatever means you measure it, should be easy.

So why isn’t it?

What usually happens in our quest for success is that we rummage from one solution to the next, from one diet to the next, from one workout routine to the next, from one sales book to the next, from one how to the next, feeling good about the fact that ‘we’re trying,’ but continuing to miss the mark.


WHY, that’s why.

The problem is not that we have yet to find a how that will get us to the goal line. As we noted above, there are more hows than we know what to do with, and pleading a desperate ‘I just don’t know how to hit my sales target…I just don’t know how to lose weight,’ in the information age of today is, well, it’s just an excuse (and a bad one!).

The problem is that we lack a WHY.

The problem is that we begin our approach to success with how when we need to begin with why.

WHY do you want to make more money? WHY do you want to lose weight? WHY do you want to improve communication with your partner?

If you do not have a meaningful WHY, then the how becomes useless — no how, no matter how brilliant in its approach, will be Pushenough to get you to the goal line because without a meaningful why, you’ll give up when things get tough.

Without a meaningful WHY you won’t want to be in the office on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, you’ll stop going to the gym after a month, and you’ll fall back into old communication habits with your partner.


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Think about areas in your life where you want to succeed and begin by identifying your why.

It may not be readily apparent so be prepared to dig for it, and if you can’t find a meaningful why, then that may be an indication that you’re barking up the wrong tree…in which case you’ll need to go find another tree — a tree that warrants a why.