The Journey Within

You don’t need to get on a plane in order to go on a journey and actually, whether you realize it or not, you are already on a journey.

Rich or poor, old or young, you are traveling through the unchartered frontier of your life. You will climb mountains of great altitude to catch glimpses of the beautiful horizon beyond, and you will slide down into dark abysses of cold, rigged rocks. Both are important as both are critical parts of the journey. The goal is not to cling to the mountain side, nor to fear the abyss. The goal is to see the beauty and necessity in both, as they are two aspects of one landscape. We are then able to shift our focus away from the external landscape and toward the internal source of our life that beats within. It is there that all of our answers lay. The “voice within,”  ”instinct”, “gut”, “God” – use whatever label best suits you – they are all attempts at describing the same source energy, the energy that is trying to guide us.

“Spiritual development” is simply the road that brings us closer to this source energy: closer to our instinct, to our gut. The journey, if you will, out of the calculating head and into the all-knowing heart.

If we are to reach our final destination we will be forced to navigate our way around the three largest barriers: the inability to hear our inner voice, negativity, and ignorance. Feeling “stuck” or unhappy in your life is a clear indicator that one of three things is happening: (1) you’re not on the right path, (2) you are infected with negativity, or (3) you are unable or unwilling to see things clearly. Or, in some cases, all of the above.

So how can you get back on track? You need to Get QPR: in order to hear that inner voice that is trying so hard to pull us in the right direction we must learn to Get Quiet. In order to ensure that complaining, worry, and negativity don’t drain us of the energy we need to complete our journey we must learn to Get Positive. And in order to avoid making any wrong turns we must wipe our eyes clear of dust and Get Real



Get Quiet

When there is a storm around you, stand still. Learn how to stop and listen…to yourself.

Get Positive

You will need an arsenal of tools and a bit of strategy to combat all the negativity in today’s world. We help get you started.

Get Real

The road to enlightenment has nothing to do with seeing different things but has everything to do with seeing things differently. Get Real and get on your way.



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