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I am fascinated by travel. I am fascinated by its ability to teach, to broaden perspectives, to expand horizons, to give you, so effortlessly and selfishly, seemingly endless doses of life in its rawest form. I have found no better vehicle with which to experience the rapture of being alive, for on the road there are no past regrets or future worries as travel rips you into the present moment. You’re dropped into backpacker hostels where you meet other travelers and find that these are all people who are focused more on being, and less on becoming.  There are no titles, no talks of resumes or achievements. No branding, no advertising, no trickery. It feels as though you’ve scraped off all the icing and processed sugar of life and are dealing with just the core — the good stuff. It feels real. It is incredible.

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And the more I travel outside in the world, the more I realize that that’s not the only journey taking place; that there is also a journey taking place within. A journey to the depths of who you are. A journey that is, undoubtedly, more difficult to traverse whilst still in the rhythm of daily society, but a journey which all of us must make nonetheless.

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The mission of TK Travels is simple: to provide insights, tips, and inspiration for these two journeys — world travel, and spiritual development.

Think of us as your guide.

You will not, however, find all the answers here — for each of us must find our own answers. But what you will find are stepping stones to help you across the raging river, whether externally or internally.

For your travels outside, you will find advice for Planning, Packing, Managing Budgets, and Staying Smart on the streets.

For your travels within you will find some basic steps to get you on track through our “Get QPR” section, as well as quick and easy exercises you can do today to make long-lasting change for tomorrow. You will find quotes from those who have already traversed these paths, both through “Wise Words,” as well as through live streaming advice from travelers on the road with “The Traveler’s Word” on our home page.

Our “See the World” portfolio gives you a peak into the world that is out there, hopefully creating a bit of inspiration for your travels, and our “Written Word” is our live blog covering all topics related to world travel and spiritual development.

We welcome any and all feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us at tk@tallkidtravels.com.

We hope you enjoy your stay, and thank you in advance for your continued support of TK Travels!


Who is the ‘Tallkid?’

Brought up as an All-American kid in the suburbs of DC, I took a Div I soccer scholarship to play at Vanderbilt University where I studied philosophy and began asking a lot of big questions. I had a short stint at a management consulting company following graduation but when my curiosity about the world got the best of me I found myself shipping off to rural Japan where I taught English for 2 years and fell in love with the Japanese culture, language, food, and people. In 2008 I took the bullet train into Tokyo and put my newfound language skills to use as an Executive Recruiter in the Healthcare industry, stepping almost overnight into the fast life of headhunting in Asia and all that comes with it: big pressure, big money, big nightlife. It was a rush that lasted 4 years before my company sent me to China to launch our Shanghai office which I did in 2012, resigning at the end of the year and walking away from an executive salary in order to grab my backpack and adventure into the world.
Why do I travel?
I travel for adventure and perspective.

Adventure is the bridge that takes you from inside your comfort zone to outside your comfort zone. It is the highway to new experiences, a manufacturer of courage, and a great source to experience the rapture of being alive.

Broadening one’s perspective is the process of learning to see things from multiple vantage points, and I have found no better teacher of this than travel. Reality can never be seen through one vantage point, which means we are far from reality when only thinking about the world through our own personal lens. The more we are exposed to different people, different cultures, and different ways of seeing things, the broader our perspective can become…so long as you are open and willing.

Where have I been?
Japan (lived), China (lived), South Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Namibia, Uganda, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia
What have I done?
Slept on the Great Wall of China, jumped off the Macau Tower, Vipassana meditation in Burma, rode an Enfield Bullet through the Himalayas, built a village in India, raced a 4×4 through the Namib desert, fought Muay Thai boxing, contracted malaria in Cambodia, crashed a motorcycle in Nepal, rafted down the Nile River, crawled into the pyramids in Egypt, went beer tubing in Laos, played cricket with British royalty, pulled a rickshaw in India, got robbed in Vietnam, zip-lined off the Great Wall of China, swam in Halong Bay
Epicurus, Siddartha Gautama (the Buddha), Friedrich Nietzsche, Joseph Campbell, Viktor Frankl, Scott Peck, Thich Nat Hanh, G.I. Gurdjieff, Henry Thoreau

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of TK’s Best Work Is Featured Below.

High resolution images from around the world. Come see the world, and get inspired to begin your own journey!


Geisha Girl, Tokyo, Japan


Ancient Reflection, Beijing, China


Imperial March, Forbidden City, China


Night Market, Suzhou, China


Colorful Cartagena, Colombia


Indigenous, Colombia